Wholesale dog treats in bulk australia

wholesale dog treats in bulk australia

Home About Us. We supply both branded and bulk pet treats. Sale Select options.

wholesale dog treats in bulk australia

I sometimes break in halves to make them go further. No added sugar. Customers soon asked us if they could order in advance and so came a website and before we knew it we were selling to customers around Australia.

All natural, high quality treats your dog will love!

Popular Vendors. Long Lasting — Big Dog. Products are placed on specialised mobile stainless steel racks and moved into one of the drying rooms. The computerised jet-dryers are then programmed according to the particular product in the drying room.

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wholesale dog treats in bulk australia

A variety pack is a fantastic way to introduce your fluffy friend to the Clear Dog range of dog treats. There is growing recognition of the importance of natural, healthy and nutritious diets for pets as well as people.

A Look at Natural Australian-Made Dog Treats

It's completely natural, with no deep frying, smoking, chemical drying or artificial processing. See shipping page for full details.

wholesale dog treats in bulk australia

Follow us: He has a bit of trouble when we leave him alone, and often refuses to eat. I love Clear Dog products. About Clear Dog Treats CLEAR Dog Treats started in 2009 as a way to offer our grooming and training clients high quality pet treats which were not filled with preservatives, sweeteners, additives and other nasties found in so many treat brands.

All natural dog treats.

They are much more expensive in pet stores. All products are processed and dried differently due to the variance in moisture content in each particular treat. Our 6 month Whippet loves these!

wholesale dog treats in bulk australia

Our treats are then manufactured in our new, modern, export registered plant in Howlong, NSW. They love them.