Where to rent a gorilla costume

The best Halloween costume rental stores

If you feel like going bananas you can pair your gorilla costume up with one of our banana costume for a funny duo, or if you only feel like an ape from the neck up, you can wear one of our realistic gorilla masks. No, we clean costumes in-house, or dry clean them, between each use. We have literally 1,000s of unique costume rentals.

where to rent a gorilla costume

If you need it longer like for a theater show run, or out of town travel let us know and we can price accordingly. Skip corny Halloween-specific costumes and head here to get creative with couture, formalwear, accessories and more at this borrowing boutique popular with costumers and fashionistas alike. What if I ruin, lose or set fire to my costume?

Costume Rentals

CA CA. Our adorable childrens gorilla costume turns your child into the cutest little animal around and if you're a gamer, then our Donkey Kong gorilla costume t-shirt will turn you into the center of attention.

where to rent a gorilla costume

UK UK. We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes, and can arrange special orders to meet your time-frame.

Gorillas have got it made! AU AU.

where to rent a gorilla costume

We expect that our rental costumes may be worn to events or parties, so don't worry if they get a little sweaty, spilled alcohol or dirty. Whether they're throwing barrels at plumbers like Donkey Kong, capturing our hearts like in Gorillas in the Mist 1988 , or causing mayhem like in Congo 1995 , we just can't get enough of these furry primates —there's even a music band named Gorillaz. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Cart Search Top.

where to rent a gorilla costume

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where to rent a gorilla costume

This luxe, appointment-only boutique outfits those not ready to splurge for a custom creation—you can rent professional-quality vintage, whimsically and hugely original ensembles by the day.

A wide range of pet costumes are also available for purchase here, so you can skip the pet store and easily find a coordinating outfit for a four-legged trick-or-treater.