Mass effect 3 how to save tali

How do I establish peace between the Geth and the Quarians?

mass effect 3 how to save tali

Can't target anything with the Laser on Rannoch? The following instructions have worked well for me. As a result, you'll need to make wider sprints, corner to corner, giving you less time to fire. With the ship on the move, target the Reaper off to the left of the ship while Shepard calls in for an orbital strike.

The key to surviving this encounter is to know that, counter-intuitively or not, you don't lose your progress if you have to stop aiming and dodge.

RavenDreamer Do you mean for achieving the 3 ME3 missions? I'm using the save editor at the moment...

mass effect 3 how to save tali

Same strategy applies, keep running, stand still, fire for eye. In the next area, your waypoint shows an Override console.

After the opening cutscenes which you can score some Reputation points from , you will touch down on top of a steep slope. Slight clarification.

mass effect 3 how to save tali

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Priority: Rannoch

You can also side with Legion first and tell him to upload the code. The best way to make sure that Tali surives is to...

mass effect 3 how to save tali

Destroy the geth fighters on Rannoch before destroying the Reaper base. Cancel Save. Do you like this video? Move to the right of the blast door near the tubes and vault up them.