How to make a wooden club weapon

You can also use a stone with a rough surface such as a sandstone to sharpen the edge. While sharp pointy tools are all well and good, you can never go wrong with having a blunt object to use for hammering or bludgeoning something such as a weighted club.

how to make a wooden club weapon

So I prefer to go back only to the early iron age. I have tried this, but stones available here in the Los Angeles area are mostly granite and limestone and do not work well for knapping.

how to make a wooden club weapon

Start at the crotch and lash securely to prevent the fork from splitting along the branch. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

how to make a wooden club weapon

You must log in to post a comment. Peck a rock to create a groove for tying the cordage to. The branch should have a fork at the end suitable for lashing the weighted stone into.

how to make a wooden club weapon

As an alternative, you can also make a spear by tying your knife onto a stick. Tie a 4-6 pound rock about 3-4 inches from the end of the club.

To construct a split-handle club:.

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The same principle applies here. Simple Club A simple club begins with a tree branch and can be constructed just as you would a walking stick except on a smaller scale.

how to make a wooden club weapon

The hammer stone is a medium-sized, spherical rock, preferably made of granite, that will be used to smash, chisel, chip and shape the core rock. Pick the end of the stick that has a more rounded tip and use your stone knife to start shaving to create a spear.

If you are having troubling shaping the rock into a knife, you can opt to create stone blades instead. Chip away at the core rock until you get the general shape of a blade. Insert a stone into the split wood.

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A Wrapped Handle club is created by shaving the end of the club thin enough to allow it to be wrapped around the weighted stone. Bind the split end tightly to secure the stone to the end of the club. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.