How to install vinyl tile over concrete

Vinyl Flooring for Basements

This test checks the amount of moisture and water that comes up from the concrete base. Skip to main content.

how to install vinyl tile over concrete

Make sure that the concrete surface is clean and will adhere to the tile. Installing self adhesive vinyl tiles over concrete is not always easy, especially if you remove carpets from the concrete base.

how to install vinyl tile over concrete

You must follow the instructions on the test. Replace the baseboard molding using a hammer and nails.

how to install vinyl tile over concrete

Just keep in mind that this water-resistance applies to the flooring itself. Wait 24 hours and check under the plastic for moisture. Any debris on the floor will show through the vinyl and will likely cause damage.

How to Install Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tile on a Concrete Floor After Removing Carpet

You should have the results within 18-24 hours. Your flooring's manufacturer will tell you everything you need to know about laying their product over concrete, but here are some general tips for success:.

Paint the floor with concrete-specific primer paint, using a paint roller. Sweep and vacuum the entire floor thoroughly before rolling out the vinyl. The second biggest challenge is concrete.

Installing Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles Over Concrete

If you want to install the tiles properly, you should prepare the floor, making sure that the surface is clean, without any remains of sealers, adhesive, or anything else. They are also a rather affordable solution, and a cost effective solution in flooring. When laying sheet vinyl in more than one piece, the trick to an invisible seam is to overlap the pieces at the seam, matching up the pattern, then making a double-cut through both layers, just like wallpaper hangers do.

how to install vinyl tile over concrete

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are available at home supply stores in a variety of styles and colors. Retrieved from http: Preparation is the most important part of any installation process.

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Place tiles on the floor, beginning at the point where the two chalk lines cross. Customer Service Newsroom Contacts. However, you need to be very careful before installing the vinyl tiles over concrete because there might be moisture problems.

how to install vinyl tile over concrete

Once you have determined that your concrete floor is not damp, you can successfully install self-adhesive vinyl tile after removing carpet. The right types of vinyl are highly resistant to water damage, and they don't need to be nailed down, glued down, or stuck down in any way.