How to find your signature drink ideas

What Should Be Your Signature Drink?

Sure, your friends and family thought your dress was divine, and your self-written vows brought a tear to their eyes. Massage therapies are the holy grail: Whether you recently got engaged, or you're already well into the wedding-planning process, there's one thing no bride-to-be should have to stress over:.

how to find your signature drink ideas

But she also says juices are not to be overlooked. George Absinthe Verte St. In the base of a tumbler, sprinkle a sugar cube with bitters.

how to find your signature drink ideas

Grand Marnier. Decide on a Color or Look Yes, believe it or not, you might want to consider what a cocktail looks like before you pick it as your signature drink.

Find Your Signature Wedding Drink With This Quiz

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How To Order A Drink At A Bar

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Say Yes to the Cocktail: How to Pick Your Signature Wedding Drink

Stir together the lemon and honey, then combine everything in a cocktail shaker. No, thanks I hate pretty things.

how to find your signature drink ideas

Please log in to your account. Simple syrup, a dash of vanilla extract, and grapefruit bitters round out the sipper. But does it have to be?

Lemon Juice. By Becky Mickel.

How to Find Your Signature Cocktail in Five Minutes

Reynolds Don's Spices 2 B. Everett Collection. Share This! The Ingredients: Take a favorite recipe— Martini , Manhattan , Daiquiri —begin swapping in different ingredients, from the alcohol and the fruit juice to the garnish. You might be asking yourself, between the flowers, cake, table runners, centerpieces, entertainment, catering, dresses and suits, who the hell has the time to come up with a signature drink?

The open bar. D Have a kick even Uncle Wally—the foodie—can appreciate.

how to find your signature drink ideas