How to draw eyeliner for monolids

how to draw eyeliner for monolids

Urban Decay Cosmetics ulta. Without using these tricks, the woman says she'd routinely go through one liquid liner a month. A genius woman Francesca Tanmizi who has monolids posted a series of photos on Imgur demonstrating how people with monolids can create a cat eye by placing their eyeliner high above their lash line, right where the eye creases.

Monolid Makeup: An Easy Eyeliner Tutorial For Gals With Monolids

Do this three times, each time getting closer to the tip of your lashes. Clinique ulta.

how to draw eyeliner for monolids

Oh, and leave your lower lash line bare, so it doesn't compete with the liner on top. Eyeshadow will result in a much softer look and you can add as much as you like. Kayo Higuchi, Asst: Have fun with it!

how to draw eyeliner for monolids

Big look: With round eyes, look to see if the whites of your eyes along the bottom of your irises are visible when you're looking straight ahead. To complete your eyeshadow look, put some light shimmer on the center of your lids to add more dimension to your eyes. Share On email Share On email. If the space between the inner corners is less than the width of one of your eyes, close-set is your shape.

Share On pinterest Share On pinterest. If your lashes are sad and sparse like mine, then using volumizing mascara can really help to define your eyes and open them up.

34 Monolid Makeup Tips You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

On top of my OCD nature, I feel like I can never get my monolid eye to look like my double eyelid one. Tightlining involves applying eyeliner between your lashline onto your waterline. Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes. Keep the color concentrated at the inner corners on your top and bottom lash lines, minimizing any product applied at the outer corners to help create more balance and draw the focus inward.

The “Floating Eyeliner” Trick Is the Key to Nailing Eye Makeup on Monolids

ColourPop colourpop. Or grab a cotton pad, slap some eye makeup remover on it, and press onto your closed lid. Here's a mascara 101 video for more information.

how to draw eyeliner for monolids

Since this eye shape tends to be most symmetrical, it can handle any liner look, but the easiest technique is to follow the natural shape of the eye, while building thickness towards the outer third half, Jaikaran explains. They used to both be monolids, but for some reason after going to college, my right eye began to form its own double eyelid.

Wide-set look: