How get a 300 ghost shell destiny

Players were already upset about Crimson Days being little more than a single PvP mode during an age when everyone wants more substantive content, but they were anticipating being able to land a fresh new Ghost shell, the most coveted reward of the mode.

Posting in language: I've only gotten 1 from IB.

how get a 300 ghost shell destiny

Comment Reply Start Topic. I want my light a bit higher before facing Oryx. I have been doing a ma...

Bungie's Unusual 'Destiny' Drop Rate Fix: Free Max Level Ghosts For Everyone

I was at 300 light when I got it, not sure if it has to do with it. Hey gamer dude! I cannot stress this enough. Speed run Challenge of elders.

How can I get over 300 light without raid?

Post a Poll. My Hunter is 299 right now. Mochzuki Mochzuki 3 years ago 10 I have better luck from shells at Court. Posted 20 October 2015 - 12: BNet Users... Is there something that will guarantee a ghost shell to drop like with an artifact in court?

how get a 300 ghost shell destiny

You get a 320 ghost from IB for rank 5 package. They can drop up to 335 light.

how get a 300 ghost shell destiny

Try the nightfall. Edit - I take this back.

how get a 300 ghost shell destiny

If anyone is looking for help through the raid my raid group always seems to be one short. After the most recent update, and aftetr completing the nightfall, I received a 306 titan chest as a reward from the nightfall. Phantom Skater. Community Forum Software by IP.

Destiny The Taken King - Strategy Guide to Reach Light 300

That's the only guaranteed one you are going to get in this game. Just an FYI. Variks usually awards gear slightly higher than what u currently have as well. I did court of oryx for like 2 hours and got one ghost shell out of a tone of blues, it was like 270 or something.

Other possible rewards: