What is shaoxing cooking wine

Previous Post. Lots of Chinese recipes uses alcohol to enhance flavor. The alcohol content is somewhere between 18 and 25 percent, making it a strong drink compared to beer averaging 5 percent and wine coming in around 12 percent. But there are two rice wines in particular that are very important in Chinese and Taiwanese cooking: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Shaoxing Wine – Chinese Cooking Wine

Hello Andrea: View Details. I have the shassong real Chinese cooking wine I got at a Asian supermarket. Great post! In all honesty, it could have been ketchup mixed with some fresh tomato.

Cooking With Chinese Rice Wines

Thanks, Dido. You might able to find the good Shaoxing wine at large Asian market, but unlikely if you live in a smaller city. It is more delicate tasting, practically suitable for sipping.

what is shaoxing cooking wine

Exploring Chinese Food. Looking for Something? While the flavor is not the same, a dry white wine makes an acceptable substitute for Chinese rice wine in marinades and is a decent alternative when that's all you have in the house. Although Chinese cooking uses both Chinkiang vinegar also called Chinese black vinegar and rice vinegar, the former is used more…. I use Pagoda Brand, considered by cooks as the standard for decades.

what is shaoxing cooking wine

San Diego has awesome weather. Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking — including street food, family recipes, and restaurant dishes.

Cooking Wine

Some recipe books called for vodka or gin but I find that sherry is the best equivalent for Chinese cooking wine. I see one Ranch 99 on Clairemont Mesa: Picture Shanghai and Zhejiang province is right below it.

what is shaoxing cooking wine

Whereas most wine is made from fermented fruit, rice wine is made from fermented glutinous rice, where the sugars are transformed into alcohol by yeast. I cannot find this locally.

Rice Wine Substitutes

If the recipe calls for a white rice wine, substituting with gin is a good idea, as it comes closer in flavor to the white rice wines than does dry sherry. Thanks in advance! It should NOT contain salt.

Walmart has it both online and in stores, interestingly,. It does, however, go well with drunken chicken, drunken prawns, dongpo pork, and other slow-cooked meat dishes.