What does ip name possibly forged meaning

what does ip name possibly forged meaning

I got thi site last month to register my domain name in here 'TuckTail. Return to Thunderbird Support. Sep 2, 1999 Posts: The server name does not need to correspond to the email domain names.

what does ip name possibly forged meaning

In any case, "relaying denied" means that you are treated like a "stranger" by the SMTP server. This error can sometimes be circumvented by first checking for incoming email. The mail server may require that this command reports a proper domain name that is authorized to send email.

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Sep 4, 2009. Covered by US Patent. Also, connecting to port 25 is discouraged.

what does ip name possibly forged meaning

Any suggestions? My first guess would be that the smtp server you use in your configs does not allow the server ip address to relay send emails.

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The initial message submition should go to the TCP port 587. We are receiving all our emails to our exchange server now. Just allowing this IP to relay regardless of name? Sandra Batakis.

Relaying Denied

By far the most common cause is that no user name and password were specified. It is not a main cause of the problem anyway. Relaying denied. IP name lookup failed Discuss the Scalix Server software.

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IP name possibly forged [X. I am really desperate about all this , as i am trying to fix it or a week now. If you want to be able to send mail when using a different connection, you will need to ask your ISP if "SMTP authenticated login" is supported.

what does ip name possibly forged meaning