How to compress djent guitars

how to compress djent guitars

Now adjust the release time to suit the tempo of the song. The second compressor is only used to even out the added dynamics when you end up adding more pump than you could otherwise get away with.

how to compress djent guitars

I'll be interested to see your results as I'm quite into that sound right now, but don't have the rig for it... Pensacola, FL.

How do you use compression with djent?

SwampAshSpecial Groove to the metal! Submit a new text post. Petray said: That forces drummers to get stupid and the whole thing becomes a volume war. I always have the problem that my guitars sounds so buried under the drums at the most fast or br00tal parts.

how to compress djent guitars

I significantly reduced the gain on my amp, and then did 4 tracks of rhythm, so the gain sort of stacked up on itself and although seemed weak with just one track, was quite adequate for 4 tracks.

I read in the online manual that I can use an envelope as a modifier for a highpass filter to tighten up the low end.

Well I got my gear just need to set it up and tweak. Electronica influences such as glitchy percussion and synthesizers are also incorporated.


I am not really experienced in this kind of stuff as much as a lot of people here, but I find a similar thing. AKA tube screamer! JBroll , Jan 26, 2008. Your compression needs to be a one-two punch combo with a good EQ. Can't think of a pro recording that doesn't have parallel comp on just about every track these days.

how to compress djent guitars

That's not to say recording a real kit isn't worth doing—but it's likely far beyond the capabilities of your home studio.

With the mods I used on it, it just seems to really come alive wth those settings. Search forums.