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The voice in the poem is speaking about life beyond death. She is told that she will remember that she rejected this man who loved her and predicts that the memory will make her a little sad.

It fades when the beauty of the beloved fades.

When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats

The person addressed will remember that in her youth, her days of glad grace , she was loved by many men. Metaphor - the description of something in terms of something else Simile - saying something is like something else Theme - what the poem is fundamentally about. More Poems by William Butler Yeats.

When you are old by W B yeats - Summary - 2nd PUC

In summary, the poem seems to be both a warning about the future and an appeal to the beloved to reconsider, to see that without him old age will be bleak and full of regret. The speaker, talking directly to his muse, instructs her to open the book in which this poem can be found and to re-read it.

It slows the pace and emphasises the sad tone of the poem Repetition - in the second stanza of this poem the word loved is used four times.

When You Are Old

How does W. To begin, choose one of the options below. The first will take you to the poem and then to an analysis of the poem and its inspiration. Read More.

when are you old yeats home

I venture to suggest that you will be able to detect most of them in When You Are Old. Both were nationalists, and it was this passion, coupled with her undeniable beauty, that made Yeats fall in love with her.

when are you old yeats home

Jump to navigation. We can infer that the sentiments expressed are those of Yeats and that the poem was speaking to Maud Donne. Yeats himself would go on to marry, but many see When You Are Old as a poem highlighting the failed relationship with Gonne.

When You Are Old – notes and analysis

The Mountain Tomb. I have made an assumption that Maud Gonne is the person about whom Yeats wrote, as she was his muse. Think of it as a picture in the mind's eye or of something that might be photographed.

when are you old yeats home