What does patient in traction means

Tranquilizers see Antianxiety drugs. The application of traction is an exacting technique that requires training and experience, since incorrectly applied traction can cause harm.

There are more risks associated with skeletal traction. In Hockenberry, M. Skeletal traction involves placing a pin, wire, or screw in the fractured bone. Other forms of skeletal traction are tibia pin traction, for fractures of the pelvis, hip, or femur; and overhead arm traction, used in certain upper arm fractures.

Traction is force applied by weights or other devices to treat bone or muscle disorders or injuries. Proper care is important for patients in traction.

what does patient in traction means

Patient should be assisted upon changing positions or sitting. The muscles are often weak since you must spend a lot of time in bed after traction is performed.

Spend time in traction

Weakness of dorsiflexion or foot movement and inversion of the foot indicate pressure on the common peroneal nerve. Ensure sling is smooth and does not apply undue pressure on popliteal space or peroneal nerve or lateral aspect of knee. Ensure skin integrity with nonadhesive straps and wraps that do not impair neurovascular status. A recovering patient's diet should be high in calcium, protein, iron, and vitamins. SKIN CARE - encourage the patient to turn slightly from side to side and to lift hip up on the trapeze to relieve pressure on the skin on the sacrum and scapulae - avoid padding the ring of the Thomas splint- since this will create dampness next to the skin.

Care of Patients With Traction New

Skin traction the sub part of it.... The following are important points to keep in mind when caring for patient in traction:. Safety and Security -the nurse should observe on the safety of the patient to prevent aggravation on the injured part. Plantar flexion demonstrates function of the tibial nerve.

It can be used to alleviate painful muscle spasm of the neck, to create alignment, or to prevent deformities. Mobile patients may use a trapeze bar, giving them the option of controlling their movements.

what does patient in traction means

This traction may be applied by either a belt or a sling. Infection can occur at the pin sites. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd ed.

what does patient in traction means