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A little odd! Elizabeth Custer Ruth Stonehouse is the only real person portrayed in the film. Sound familiar? Jean Simmons is not part of a love triangle or quadrangle, as some plot synposes online tend to say as well as the misleading DVD cover. That is the case when he arrives in River City, Iowa, population 2,212, where he will have some unexpected help from Marcellus Washburn, a friend and former grifter colleague who now lives in River City and has gone straight, but still wants to make sure Harold survives his stay in town.

Yeah, I pretty much hated it. Lieutenant Chard: She's full of wisecracks and is no hypocrite about her life. Mitchum is the rich, virile American tourist who sweeps her off her feet. It's very English, and perhaps as an Aussie I don't "get" the humour. The real star of the show was definitely Simmons, making Hattie by far the best character.

All together , the movie is great fun! Tea, brandy, or champagne? I feel the film was an homage to Coward and his light plays of the 20's and 30's. Display Show Spoilers.

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Great comedy! Entertaning Western. Both in creative and technical terms, Zulu is a formidable film-making achievement; yet it is this very excellence that should compel us to examine its ideological flaws. Greasy Grass , Vol. Zulu is a perennial Christmas TV favourite: I disagree with those who chastise the title, I think it's perfect. On the cast front, Grant is as smooth and classy as he always is, with his sometimes undervalued comedy timing here in full force.

And Jean Simmons is delightful - she really is a fairly underrated actress.

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Filmed in Durango, Mexico, this was a thinly veiled version of the Little Bighorn story. You know when you think about it the same premise was used for Sleuth with much more serious overtones.

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