Square knot how to bracelet weaving

Macrame - Square Knot

There are four separate lengths. The clipboard will help keep the tension even when you are making your piece.

square knot how to bracelet weaving

Just my luck. Let the glue dry. Have some Hypo Tube Cement on hand to secure your knot and keep it from fraying.

square knot how to bracelet weaving

How long is the cord before you make the bracelet? They had the loop on one end like you have, but instead of leaving the ends raw to tie at the other end, they sewed a button to that end.

How to Make a Square Knot

Is this right or am I doing something wrong? You have learned how to make a piece using square knot! Tie the next square knot below the bead, starting with the tying cord that you left off with. I love it! I saw a tutorial for another bracelet made from string or cord.

If you lose track of which tying cord to start the next knot with, just look where you left off for a bump in the cord.

Square Knot Bracelet

If you started your square knot by crossing the left cord on top of the right cord, you will do the second half of the knot by crossing the cord on the right side on top of the cord on the left side as shown in the picture. Planning to take a pic tomorrow for my blog: You can always email me the pics if you want. Yippee…you have tied a square knot.

square knot how to bracelet weaving

But there are really only two. No problem Jacqueline!

Basic Square Knot Hemp Bracelet Instructions

Heya this is just awesome. If you want to introduce a bead or hexnut then simply thread it through onto the two middle cords then carry on tying square knots. For me, I use Hemp Jute, my bracelets are more bead oriented and the jute does not take away the effect of the beads.