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Tagged under Wales World Cinema Project. On one level this reveals a society rooted in authoritarian demands, but on another this reminds us how kids can be easily damaged by the responsibilities of the grown-up world.

In the wilds of the Patagonian mountains Lila, a headstrong, self-sufficient young girl is determined to find the father she never knew. Rhyfelodd y chwyldroadwyr yn ffyrnig yn erbyn yr hyn wnaethant ystyried yn wyneb ffasgaeth fodern.

David Gulpilil, Peter Djigirr, Luke Ford Awstralia, 2014, 1 awr 48 munud Australia, 2014, 1 hour 48 minutes A heartfelt, deeply passionate story about the life and times of legendary Australian actor David Gulpilil Walkabout, Ten Canoes that makes great use of his extraordinarily expressive face. Archebwch eich tocynnau WOW nawr!

Box Office: Rhowan Alleyne. In her nuanced, complex portrayal of Juliette, Kristin Scott Thomas is simply mesmerizing to watch, her chiselled, patrician face conveying more than words. Where is My Friend's Home? Siwrnai o ddarganfyddiad i galon cymuned Gujarati Grangetown a fydd yn estyn croeso cynnes i ni yn eu teml ar gyfer profiad cerddorol gorfoleddus heb ei ail. WOW audiences from a couple of years back may well remember the stunning live soundtrack performance by Bronnt Industries Kapital.

A generation that created an alternative lifestyle based on respect for the land, for the indigenous people and for one another, share the insights they have learned from a lifetime of living together. Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014 Lilting 15.

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Nominally the story of a young boy who must return his friend's notebook he took by mistake, lest his friend be punished by expulsion from school. The snowscapes and soundscapes that frame this story are ravishing, and there are moments when Far North achieves the visionary, timeless quality of a folk tale. Between their uncanny understanding of the landscape and their reindeer on the one hand, and their heavy reliance on snowmobiles and helicopters on the other, the herders have been categorized as beacons of sustainability and demons of environmentalism — in essence, poster children for simplicity and technology alike.

Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014 Aatsinki: Every year thousands of families travel to a bleak desert in Gujarat where they extract the whitest salt in the world using the same painstaking manual techniques as generations before them.

With its nervous energy and surreal, absurdist dream sequences this mixes Manhattan and La Dolce Vita through a wholly Iranian lens. Massoumeh Naderi, Zahra Naderi, Ghorban Ali Naderi Iran, 1998, 1 awr 23 munud, gydag isdeitlau Iran, 1998, 1 hour 23 minutes, subtitles This witty, gentle but often surprisingly acerbic docu-drama tells the real-life story of two innocent girls suddenly let loose on the streets of Tehran by a pleasingly determined social worker after being kept locked indoors for twelve years.