What not to do before bleaching hair

Click here to share your story. If you are unsatisfied with the color or texture of the strand, take yourself in and consult with a stylist.

Top Nine Mistakes Made When Bleaching Hair at Home

You can thank us later. One other tip: It was enough to bug me, but not enough to warrant another round of bleach, or even a bleach wash, to fix.

what not to do before bleaching hair

Learn more. Can I bleach my hair if a have a burn from the curling iron at the top of my head? Ideally, you should prepare hair for bleaching six months or more before you actually do it.

7 Things to Know Before Bleaching Hair

To provide a better website experience, bellatory. Okay, so I don't get why these leave in "moisturizing" conditioners, masks, and oils all have 4 or 5 different types of alcohol in them and usually at least 2 or 3 are within the 1st ten ingredients; they make up a good part of its formula.

what not to do before bleaching hair

Also consider using a hot oil or heat-activating deep conditioner to further restore and strengthen hair before bleaching. Apply oil to dry hair. One gal couldn't see colors properly anymore! Julia L.

what not to do before bleaching hair

Edit Related wikiHows. Correct me if I'm wrong, but have you ever seen platinum princess Gwen Stefani with a botched bleach job? Blend together and wear in your clean, dry hair for 30 minutes. Damage from too much hair color and bleach can result in hair that is brittle when dry and mushy when wet.

Coconut Oil, Part 2: Oils such as coconut, argan and avocado are great for healing color-treated, bleached, and fried hair. And do not try this at home, you will for sure end up unhappy with your result! Skipping the Toner This is a mistake frequently made by those adventurous enough to dye their hair at home. Start using a mask. Together, they cited information from 7 references.

Even soccer star Lionel Messi got in on the action. Although it might be enticing to bleach your hair at home , Principle Colorist at Antonio Prieto Salon , Lawrence Wesley , agrees that seeking professional help is the best move.


Many hair care professionals recommend using masks instead of washing with conditioner, based on their power to moisturize and strengthen damaged hair. Good luck with your hair!