Umk combos how to

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umk combos how to

This is why Robot Smoke's bread and butter combo does so much more damage when you beat someone out of a dueling jump kick in air. Any autocombo will activate damage protection, even if the combo is blocked at the beginning and not in the middle, and thus meaning there is no way to deactivate damage protection in a juggle through any known reset except in one case. If they drop out of the spin, on the way down you can juggle them for full damage, however, if the character has an air attack, they can escape the fall out with it.

His best possible punisher combo is next to impossible to do in game. Auto-combos are the pre-programmed combos characters have to establish their power of ground attacking. Sonya's Leg Grab is double damage protected when you combo 3 hits before it, and quadrouple double damage protected if you autocombo before it DP from auto, DP from its personal properties.

This should technically be impossible but for some reason the game thinks the character should be standing up when they are hit and not juggled.

umk combos how to

Other characters have short, low damage ground combos because they have great special moves, or, insane juggling capability. Punisher Set Ups for dashing punches: For all ground combos, you can add a jump punch either jumping straight up, forward or back and it will add to the combo, or add a straight up jump kick as well, which does a little more damage.

So here we have gone in one instance, you have a choice of a wonderment of different punishers, the maximum damage you can achieve in any given situation, and it is all up to you, the player. Kabals blades in his combo do weird damage protection but do not change the outcome of the rest of the hits used to juggle.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 – Combo FAQ

Before the list of usable in-game combos is given, it might also be beneficial to explain a few things about the game when it comes to comboing and juggling. Infinite - all variants 11.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? This also works if you do a jump kick on a grounded opponent, spin, and let them fall out. It's almost impossible to get more than 2 volleys in actual vs play because to be a real infinite you need to be in perfect position.

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umk combos how to

In corner: Classic Sub-Zero Auto Combos: