Shilling value in 1850 what western

The book is not organized chronologically.

shilling value in 1850 what western

Also lists wholesale price of opium per 100 pound case. DMCA and other copyright information. New Hampshire prices and wages, 1600s-mid 1800s The 1872 Report of Commissioners on Bureau of Labor Statistics to the [New Hampshire] Legislature is an incredibly rich source of both prices and wages dating as far back as the 1600s. Louis, NJ: Report a problem.

shilling value in 1850 what western

Listings are for cities in alphabetical order by state: Belgium - Working class family expenses, 1853 and 1867 Shows weekly expenses for families of 5 or 6 individuals in Belgium in 1853. Industries covered: Fabric prices in dozens of U.

1850 shilling value - United Kingdom

See first quarter here. Tea is extensively subdivided by type and priced by the pound. Clothing expenses not included. Grading United. Mary's College Maryland 1855-1856.

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shilling value in 1850 what western

Cedar Rapids, KS: Use Hathi Trust's keyword search feature or browse page by page. Woodworking trades, 1845-1900 Wages for cabinet makers, coopers, sawyers, loggers, lumber laborers, woodworkers.

Prices and Wages by Decade: 1850-1859

Quick Links. Mining -- Coal mine and iron mine industries, 1840-1900 Wages for coal mine drivers, loaders, coal miners, iron miners, drilling machine operators, timbermen for the mines Printing and publishing, 1842-1900 Wages for bookbinders, press feeders, proof readers, compositors for newspapers and other shops, pressmen operators of the printing press , stereotypers Textiles - Cloth manufacture, 1842-1900 Wages for doffers, drawing frame tenders, cotton dyers, loom fixers, cotton spinners, cotton weavers Textiles - Hosiery and underwear manufacture, 1842-1900 Wages for knitters of hosiery and underwear, weavers and winders of silk goods, dressers and dyers of woolen and worsted goods, loom fixers, spinners, wool sorters Transportation industry wages, 1840-1900 Wages for railroad brakemen, conductors for passenger railroads, conductors for freight railroads, locomotive engineers and firemen, longshoremen, 1-horse teamsters, 2-horse teamsters and teamsters non-specified.

Congressional Committee on Finance titled "Wholesale prices, wages and transportation. Tables span pages 180-183 in this source. Published March 1910.

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