Muggles vs wizards who would win marvel

As I write this The Telegraph of London has just informed its readers that a poll reveals that Jeremy Corbyn belongs in Gryffindor while Theresa May should be in Slytherin — respectively the bravest and most sinister of houses on the Hogwarts campus. In the Potterverse, the meritocracy of magic allows the chosen to withdraw, to disappear behind a curtain into their academic world, leaving Muggledom to its own devices.

Chase star modelled Governess on Potter character.

muggles vs wizards who would win marvel

We can believe someone like Viktor Krum can take on this kind of event, but the others? It's a wonder anyone can get time to themselves at all.

Is Harry Potter set in a world where wizards fought muggles... and lost?

Especially because unlike reality it writes the Muggles, the genuinely ordinary people, out of its political clashes and good-versus-evil conflicts.

We understand that magical families would be more tolerant than those of Muggle-borns, but how can a student see the aforementioned and not tell their parents?

muggles vs wizards who would win marvel

Opinion The Muggle Problem. How many students have been late because the staircase wouldn't change or stopped at the wrong landing?

muggles vs wizards who would win marvel

This is a great way to express the possibility that the castle itself is a living thing, but it could raise some practical issues. DC's Titans: How can anyone expect a teenager to take on a full-grown dragon?

muggles vs wizards who would win marvel

You may not think he's pretty, but don't judge by what you see. The stairs twist and turn all about, taking students wherever they need to go.

Either way, they all live secretly, with only a handful of privileged muggles even aware of their existence. And so the battle for Harvard — er, Hogwarts — is the battle for the world.

muggles vs wizards who would win marvel

Battle Angel: Harry Potter star has sentimental item stolen. He's essentially a mortal in a magical world cleaning up after over a thousand kids. Alright, class, let's review.

Harry Potter: 10 Ways The Muggle World Would Inevitably Discover Wizards

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