When was a31 built

The construction of the A350 roundabout and bridge would require a temporary road to take the traffic while the road is built or building the roundabout and bridge away from the current road.

when was a31 built

The A31 and A338 have been upgraded on 4 occasions, and the job still isn't finished today. When the bypass was built originally numbered A33 the A31 crossed it on the Spitfire Bridge and so access to it was via the A272. Although an uninterrupted dual carriageway the road has several hills, bends and at grade junctions.

A31 architecture situates art warehouse within concrete shell in greece

Major reconstruction is unlikely, because the people living nearby would never stand for it. The 1 st lane of the eastbound carriageway is closed between the bridges and the Ringwood junction.

Police also use the central reservation for mobile speed cameras. Privacy policy About Roader's Digest: There are various local legends about the junction being haunted, and also cursed along the lines that if the bridge that is part of the junction is changed then bad things would happen in the world... But in the beginning of 2010 no such work has been carried out and there do not appear to be any plans to do so.

The road could hug Charborough Park more loosely than proposed and go wide around the bottom.


Although the majority of the road is present, there is still a huge cost involved in upgrading this road and it is not justifiable at this time compared to the other issues on the A31. However, to complete the Winchester southern bypass mentioned above, the original A31 west of Winchester was renumbered A3090.

It bypasses most of the A349 and A347.

when was a31 built

The impact of upgrading this section of the A31 may cause additional development in the Dorset area from Hampshire businesses expanding. A preferred solution is to cut the corner off of Charborough Park to allow a smoother curve on that corner.

when was a31 built

In places the two carriageways do not run at equal height. This road would be fairly expensive. Tolls, although not a success on the M6, a toll road may provide a method of funding.

when was a31 built

This requires building an alternative cycle route alongside. The journey time is significantly reduced, the road is safer and the route is around 1 miles shorter depending on the start point in Poole.


But it should at least be possible to lengthen the merge from the A31, shouldn't it? Which is really just an optical illusion that occasionally causes accidents when tourists want to try out having their car push up a hill by a ghost. But perhaps not quite as "haunted" as this now famous junction in the USA: