When does meredith and derek get married

He takes her out on a date, but she has a horrible time.

“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.20 – “White Wedding”

With the help of Richard, he lured Meredith into the elevator, where he told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and she said the same of him. He also leaves early and he and Adele end up sleeping together.

when does meredith and derek get married

Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Derek is now dating Rose, and Meredith seems to get past it.

when does meredith and derek get married

On the Seattle Grace relationship front, Owen tells Cristina his therapy is going well. She tries to teach Lexie, but Lexie gets mad and Meredith sends her to the clinic. That night they talk and say they don't want to lose their best friend.

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When she starts to get better, she distances herself from Alex and leaves for a while. Derek realizes that he doesn't love Addison and doesn't want to be with her but allows Meredith time to make her choice between him and Finn.

Meredith And Derek decide how their goin to get married

Looking back at Derek and Meredith's relationship as a whole, it's fun to see how it all began in much the same way many people get together. News Callie Torres: Though they received some pushback from her family for the haste in planning their nuptials, they eventually tied the knot with the support of friends like Meredith and Maggie Pierce.

Derek and Meredith's Wedding

It feels a bit ominous, if not a little creepy. Cristina has trouble coping with the fact that Burke might no longer be a great surgeon after he is shot. He asks Cristina to marry him, and she says yes, but he leaves her at the altar. Later, not knowing that this happened, Meredith tells Derek that she doesn't want him seeing anyone else. Go ahead, make my day.

when does meredith and derek get married

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