How to get bright burgundy hair styles

how to get bright burgundy hair styles

I created this berry tone using the Wella color range. If not yet, skim through the amazing burgundy hair color photos, including wine and maroon hair shades that will inspire you!

These violet burgundy hair shades are capable of granting some ethereal, a little dreamy edge to your image.

50 Lovely Purple & Lavender Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre

With your applicator brush or with your gloved finger pull the hair dye down from the roots towards the end of the hair. I love that it is still dimensional, instead of a solid color, with different shades of raspberry tones.

how to get bright burgundy hair styles

All skin tones can pull off this color and style, however, an olive or yellow undertone can compliment the look well. As usual, those with warm undertones to their skin for example, yellow or olive will look better with warm shades of lilac and magenta.

17 Bold and Beautiful Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

It also looks very good straight or slightly wavy as well. If you find yourself really in love with cool, purple-y red hairstyles , you can still incorporate a touch of cool color through a balayage over a warmer shade of red. I personally think curled hair, whether naturally curly or curled with an iron, looks best because the colors enhance the texture of the hair. Make sure you watch this first! Red hairstyles really lend themselves well to metallic finishes.


When you feel the hair is nice and hot, let the curl fall and grab it and pull down for about three seconds to create a long, loose wave. If you have medium thickness, you may want to add a few pieces of long layers or maybe just a few around the face.

63 Yummy Burgundy Hair Color Ideas: Burgundy Hair Dye Tips & Tricks

You can take a burgundy shade and mix it with other colors. This hair painting technique is a bit more than a balayage: General rule of thumb is to stick to matching undertones, so a cool blue-red lipstick will work better than a true red against cool-toned burgundy hair. Now, this is a color that is truly going to be eye-catching. The great thing about this hair color is that any tone can pull it off from. This ombre dark black to lavender hair color is lovely, but it also shows how great ombres lend themselves to awesome hairstyling.

The burgundy hair color looks deep and lush, with a barely detectable hint of chocolate brown adding depth and balance.

how to get bright burgundy hair styles

This client, in particular, is very fair with green eyes and the color made her eyes POP! For anyone who wants that true redhead effect, but is afraid the color might be too light for them, just choose this beautiful ombre, since the auburn flows into the copper very softly and naturally.

how to get bright burgundy hair styles