How do you refill staple gun

Medium and heavy wire staple guns generally load from the top, while most fine wire staplers are bottom load. Start by inserting the magazine into the staple gun.

how do you refill staple gun

In others, you may need to disassemble part of the gun. Hammer the front section of the staple gun downward until it comes off. To make sure the staples are loaded properly, fold a piece of paper in half or use a scrap piece of wood or fabric.

how do you refill staple gun

Remove the staple clip. Align the stick so the edges go inside the tray's slots on each side. Warnings When using or unjamming a staple gun, make sure to wear eye protection.

How do I put staples in my Staple Gun?

Co-Authored By:. This is the release lever. It should have 2 small indentations on either side of the stapler for you to squeeze and pull. Unplug the staple gun and lock the trigger before you begin loading it.

This means they give staples more penetrating power and allow you to staple more quickly. Article Summary X To rear load a manual staple gun, start by locating the push rod at the back of the gun.

How to Operate a Staple Gun

Locate the pusher rod at the back of the gun. Method 2. Flag as... Be careful not to damage the staple gun as you do this. Thanks for letting us know.

The stapler should automatically push the staples into the staple gun. Your product manual will also be able to help you determine which method of staple loading your particular standard staple will use.

how do you refill staple gun

In this Article: Click here to share your story. Cookies make wikiHow better. If you squeeze the trigger too quickly the staple gun may move out of place.