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He lectured Americans on the virtues of communism and the immorality of scantily clothed chorus girls. That moment really united the human race. The closest any American probe had come to the Moon at that point was 37,000 miles. At just past midnight Moscow time on September 14th it crashed some 240,000 miles away on the Moon not far from the Sea of Tranquillity perhaps a not entirely appropriate location.

looney luna tumblr de whatsapp

Luna 2. Richard Cavendish explains how, on September 12th, 1959, the Soviet Union launched Luna 2, the first spacecraft to successfully reach the Moon. The spacecraft had no propulsion system of its own and the third and final stage of its propelling rocket crashed on the moon about half an hour after Luna 2 itself.

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While the Americans were in disarray, with their space efforts publicly failing Russian setbacks were kept strictly secret , Korolev went on to put the first man into space, Yuri Gagarin, in 1961. The only way of annoying him seemed to be by refusing to let him into Disneyland. Weight of the World.

More Sputnik missions tested life-support systems and re-entry procedures. Korolev had a clincher to come. He was a commanding figure who did not suffer fools gladly and his staff treated him almost as a god. The space race between the United States and the Soviet Union brought an engaging touch of science fiction to the Cold War.

looney luna tumblr de whatsapp

Then, on September 12th, 1959 Luna 2 was launched. Luna 2 Luna is Russian for Moon weighed 390 kilograms. It seemed clear in the United States that the timing had been heavily influenced by the fact that the Soviet premier, Nikita Khruschev, was due to arrive in the US immediately afterwards, to be welcomed by President Eisenhower.

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To American astonishment and dismay, the Russians at first took a commanding lead. In the end it was of course the Americans who won the race, in 1969, when their astronauts first walked on the Moon.

looney luna tumblr de whatsapp

The scientific results of Luna 2 were similar to those of Luna 1, but the psychological impact of Luna 2 was profound. It confirmed that the moon had only a tiny radiation field and, so far as could be observed, no radiation belts.

Only three weeks later, Luna 3 was launched on October 4th, the second anniversary of Sputnik 1, to swing round the far side of the Moon and send back the first fuzzy pictures of its dark side, which no one had seen before.

Korolev and his people were listening as the signals coming back from the spacecraft suddenly stopped.

The Soviet Union is first to the Moon

Do historical objects belong in their country of origin? It was spherical in shape with antennae sticking out of it and carried instruments for measuring radiation, magnetic fields and meteorites. Google Tag Manager. It also carried metal pendants which it scattered on the surface on impact, with the hammer and sickle of the USSR on one side and the launch date on the other.

In the 1950s he developed a massive and at the time almost unthinkably powerful rocket, the R-7, which would propel Soviet spacecraft to the Moon. Their programme was directed by Sergei Korolev, a brilliant aeronautical engineer and expert on rockets, who had displeased Stalin and spent time in the Gulag in the 1930s.

looney luna tumblr de whatsapp