How to make monte cristo bread recipe

Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

No mustard,just mayo. I have been searching for Monte Cristo Sandwich recipes on Pinterest. Funny, but true. Nutrition Facts. Brown the sandwiches on all sides, adding more butter to the pan when necessary.

how to make monte cristo bread recipe

A proper Monte Cristo is made with Turkey, Ham, Swiss, and then dipped in egg and cooked like the french toast you mentioned. Gary Beardsley — 12. Other sites had this in one form or another, but your site made it so simple! Leave this field empty.

Copycat Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Read more. Serve hot. If you are using normal bread, you can go up to around 360 degrees Fahrenheit for frying. I will be having 6 people over for a brunch. Make it to your preference. Want to read more about the origins of this delicious sandwich?

I thought I was going crazy! I think honey is such a great compliment to ham. Go to shopping list.

how to make monte cristo bread recipe

TidyMom — June 27, 2016 10: Never Miss a Chunky Chef Recipe: Yours looks great! Three-Ingredient Brownies.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

When applying the mustard and mayo do you mix them together as one mixture or. Recipe Rating. The custard itself is a simple combination of egg with a little bit of milk. What has run onto the plate in the forefront of the main picture? Tasha ThatsSoYummy — 01.

how to make monte cristo bread recipe