How to frontside flip regular expression

Any obstacle where a skater can place his tail on the edge of said obstacle and lean forward to drop in to a transition of some kind.

how to frontside flip regular expression

Skateboard Lingo. A rail that is down stairs or an embankment and is of at least moderate height. This game is also called horse; someone starts off the game by doing a trick; if they miss, it's the next person's turn to try their own trick; if they land it, everyone else has to try it and whoever misses gets an S; the winner is the last one not to spell out the full word. A trick that is added on to the end of any other trick, and it means to spin one's self and the board 180 after completing the initial trick.

The edge of any obstacle that a skateboarder rides; on ramps, the lip usually is completed with coping; on a bank or curb, the square or angled corner is the lip. Uber Alles!!! Neil must be able to cut some shapes on the dance floor if this quick-footed action was anything to go by. To fall Bail 2.

Well, for Denis and Vaughan at least. Airwalk This trick can be done with or without grabbing the nose; once in the air the front foot is kicked out and the back foot is kicked back so they are in a walking type position.

how to frontside flip regular expression

Used to describe an obstacle or trick when either lacks smoothness and apparent ease. A trick initiated with an ollie, the back foot then planting on the ground and pushing off while the board is controlled by the front foot and some kind of grab; the trick is landed with both feet on the board. The marks on the darkside of your deck made by wheelbite scraping the paint off the deck.

how to frontside flip regular expression

Transition Any surface for skating that is not horizontal or vertical Trick A trick is any maneuver performed on a skateboard Triple Set see Double set, and go from there Truck The axle assembly, made up of the following: A ramp with only one concave transition two quarters positioned facing each other would make up a vert or mini ramp, minus the connecting flatbottom.

The basis of most other tricks, it entails using your back foot to smack the tail of your board against the ground while your front foot pulls the board up into the air.

Skateboard Lingo

A term coined in the early eighties and made famous by Thrasher magazine, that catagorizes the bands whose members rode skateboards; could be any type of music, but is noted for its generally uptempo beats. Thankfully we were the only inhabited house for miles around so no one else saw. Pronounced "one-eighty", a measurement of a rotation, used to describe a trick eg: To bust a trick is to perform it successfully; you are busting if you are skating well Boned Pushing the board out in front and pointing downwards.

An area, publicly or privately owned, that has a variety of obstacles designed specifically for skating. The amount of snap and stiffness to a board Pop 2.

Feature 09 Witness 225 - Part 2 Read Feature. Contests, demos, mayhem and one hell of a blast was had. Shifting your board 90 degrees, with feet still in contact with the board, then bringing it back to starting position.