G-eazy quotes when its dark outside

G-Eazy Quotes

Generally favorable reviews - based on 62 Ratings. It's definitely not "the worst" Hip Hop album created, it's just one that is not engaging as it's contemporaries. The Bootleg Series, Vol.

g-eazy quotes when its dark outside

Why you got the blues? By Metascore By user score.

g-eazy quotes when its dark outside

Once the studio had filled up, he ordered a chicken and rice bowl from the curry spot across the street and told the studio manager, "dim the lights. Smeagol shit.

The hook goes, " Gerald what you said for?

5 Things We Learned From G-Eazy's "When It's Dark Out" Listening Party

Literally -- his friend brought in a kid who plays piano at his church to lay down a roiling piano loop. This list of producers is admittedly incomplete. Embed from Getty Images. Joy As an Act of Resistance - Idles. There were some Mets fan in the room who were initially trying to multitask and watch Game 2 of the World Series that was playing on the TV in the adjacent room.

Almost every single song on here is meticulously crafted. Keyshia Cole goes straight Alicia Keys on the hook -- "It's a lot to you, but it ain't nothing to me.

But the Mets were forgotten almost immediately once the album got going. G-Eazy really has to step up his rap game. Room 25 - Noname.

g-eazy quotes when its dark outside

His content is the same, which I wouldn't mind if it didn't last for 17 tracks. Said G-Eazy of track 8, "this shit is about to fuck up the radio in Cali especially. But when it's paired up with a rapper as G-Eazy, they kind of lose their steam.