Who killed lynsey hollyoaks spoilers and news

Viewers will have to tune in to find out exactly how much Freddie remembers, but it's enough to send Lindsey into all-out panic as she prepares a syringe to silence him forever.

who killed lynsey hollyoaks spoilers and news

I think it is finally getting the credit that it deserves because... Maya Stepney plans a 'special' sixteenth birthday present...

Prince McQueen returns.

who killed lynsey hollyoaks spoilers and news

Although Lindsey begged Silas for her life, her pleas were in vain: Hollyoaks' Peri to regret polyamorous romance. After a very dramatic labour, full of plenty of shock twists and turns, Lindsey welcomes a baby boy - who is named JJ aka Joe Junior , after Joe Roscoe.

Who will you stay in touch with from the cast?

who killed lynsey hollyoaks spoilers and news

EastEnders spoilers: The trailer also shows Sienna making a decision that she could live to regret as she prepares to marry partner Ben Richards. Gloved Hand Killer plot reaches a peak Hollyoaks star: But towards the end, I was so exhausted by it, so I think it was quite nice to lay Lindsey to rest and maybe move on to play a nicer character.

There is so much great British television out there. I have always stayed in contact with Mandip.

Hollyoaks spoilers: Lindsey will prepare to kill Freddie after he suffers a revealing flashback

Joe to kiss killer Lindsey Hollyoaks: Meanwhile, Lindsey has faced the curtain call — she may have been a killer force to be reckoned with in Hollyoaks but in the end, Silas has retained his title as the king of soap serial killers…. You can be sad about an actor going, but not sad about a character going. Hollyoaks unmasks Breda McQueen's stalker. Towards the end of it, she realises that it has gone too far and there is nothing more she can do.

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Hollyoaks spoilers: Silas goes in for the kill as Lindsey has baby

Lindsey even allowed her beloved sister Kim Daisy Wood-Davis to be arrested for her crimes - presumably due to the fact that she recently found out she is pregnant. Hollyoaks fans have been left in shock as the Gloved Hand Killer Lindsey Butterfield has been murdered by Silas Blissett in a shocking twist which has brought an end to her own spree of death.

who killed lynsey hollyoaks spoilers and news

We've heard you're already doing some filming for a new job.