Where does h2o come from in photosynthesis

So let's delve a little bit deeper. So this is a general term for carbohydrates, but you could have many multiples of that. So let's see, I have one n, and you put an n here, and then I have two n, and I think this equation balances out.

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"Where does H2O ( water) travel in photosynthesis? "

These then go through the rest of the cycle, regenerating ribulose bisphosphate as well as the three-carbon sugar glyceraldehyde phosphate. The balanced equation may be written as follows:. You can almost imagine it as-- this is a very gross oversimplification-- as three carbons with a phosphate group attached to it.

In order to make this equation balance-- let's see, I have n carbons so I need n carbons there. I love it when physicists try to do biology.

where does h2o come from in photosynthesis

In the light reactions, the energy of light is used to "split water," stripping a pair of electrons from it and causing the two hydrogens to be lost , thus generating molecular oxygen. Photo by: When I lose a hydrogen, I also lose the ability to hog that hydrogen's electron.

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When you feel low on energy and need a snack, you probably just open the refrigerator or rifle through a kitchen drawer. Science Biology Photosynthesis Intro to photosynthesis.

where does h2o come from in photosynthesis

Nejron Photo. Seasons Misconceptions Debunked.

where does h2o come from in photosynthesis

So the light reactions, you take in photons, you take in water, it spits out oxygen, and it spits out ATP and NADPH that can then be used in the dark reactions. These pigments are arranged in the thylakoid membranes in clusters, along with proteins and electron carriers, to form light-harvesting complexes referred to as photosystems.

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where does h2o come from in photosynthesis

Your charge is reduced when you gain an electron. So this process, other than the fact that it's interesting, that there are organisms around us, mostly plants, that are able to harness actual sunlight.

where does h2o come from in photosynthesis

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