Prime 95 how long to run

After that if both cleared and are stable, I do some gaming.

How long to run prime95?

This freaked me out so I started tweaking settings. I have had zero BSODs since, and do not plan on tweaking anything further. Nov 16, 2018. Prime 95: I have not BSODed during any heavy gaming sessions or during any heavy multitasking...

Best used to see if your computer can handle some benchmarks before shutting down.

How long do you run Prime 95??

We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Blend always clugged up my system, even on low priority rendering almost unusable, running Small FFTs has always gave me higher temps and never failed me. Has anyone done the 24hr test on a stock system? Forums Hardware Overclocking. Either XMP is enabled and it runs at 3600MHz, or it's disabled and it won't let me change the clocl speed value.

I'm just looking for an everyday OC, I don't typically benchmark.

prime 95 how long to run

Excellent, thank you again for the help. Hi BobbyTowers. More topics from this board... CPUs 2 Oct 30, 2018. You sure you're not using too much voltage? Honestly it all depends on how stable your system is to begin with but you don't know that until you know how stable it is which is the whole point of prime95.

prime 95 how long to run

Jul 9, 2010 6 0 18,510 0. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Antec 380W.

prime 95 how long to run