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Oh take me where, the hockey players, face off down the rink. Johnson was as slick with the puck as any player in the tournament. Craig gave the United States the same quality goaltending Jack McCartan had supplied the gold medal-winning 1960 team. Music is what helps us get there. The world had changed dramatically in the two decades between the gold medals. The first shot was one chance in a thousand, a 70-footer by Horst-Peter Kretschmer that caught Craig off guard. Reprinted from USA Hockey: The USA beat the Soviets in the gold medal game.

The Greatest Showman was derided by critics. So why has its soundtrack shot straight to No 1?

Every day was an adventure in psychology for the guys wearing the red, white, and blue. Brooks questioned McClanahan's manhood in a curse-filled tirade and called him a "cake eater. Performance-enhancing drugs? After Brooks and Kaminsky had each vented their frustrations with the other, they decided to work together, knowing that a successful run at the Olympic Games would be best for all concerned. The Germans claimed a 2-0 lead against the Americans after one period, scoring both goals with shots from beyond the blue line.

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The enraged McClanahan went out and played as well as he could with his muscle knotted. Enraged by their ineffectiveness, the Americans stepped up their game in the second period.

Next Slide. Destiny awaited. He wasn't intimidated by the Russians. He was twenty-two years old, yet he probably had as much hockey savvy as some of the veteran Soviets.

Mike Eruzione was the USA's top offensive player. More Stompin' Tom Connors lyrics.