When in rome braceface characters

Sharon goes to Italy with Maria and Brock. Helen divorced Sharon's dad when Sharon was six, but her parents still get along really well. Follow IMDb on.

When in Rome

Top Moments From the 2019 Oscars. November 9, 2004 Sharon goes to Italy with Maria and Brock. Alicia Silverstone... Being Sharon Spitz isn't always easy, but if you're not who you are... Melora Hardin.

when in rome braceface characters

John Wick. A Canada-China Co-production. Watch now. The Blacklist 4.

when in rome braceface characters

This eccentric senior was assigned to Sharon as a 'mentor' to help ease the transition into high school, but since then, Dion has become her close friend and confidant. Sharon Spitz Sharon wants what most fourteen year olds want - to get good grades, have fun with her friends, get invited to the best parties, and stay off the radar of truly nasty people like Nina Harper. Edit page.

when in rome braceface characters

But Sharon knows that whether he's in town or not, her Dad will always be there for her when she needs him. Available to Stream Watch on. All rights reserved. Watch Now.

Braceface - "The Social Fabric" - 2002

Maria embraces her heritage and roots and starts to behave in an old-fashioned, moralistic way while Sharon just wants to have fun--preferably with some cute young Italian guy. He likes to nap at the bottom of the stairs, where everyone will trip over him.

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Alicia Silverstone provides the voice of Sharon. Sharon starts flirting with their neighbor, Marcelo. Connor MacKenzie Connor has been Sharon's neighbour and friend since diaper days.

Retrieved from " https: Clear your history. He barks loudly, drools copiously and is usually very happy.

When In Rome...

Once they arrived in the city, the girlfriends clash. But most of the time, he's happy to stay out of her business. Wong was actually a lot like her as a teenager, and ends her spiel with an apology to Sharon for how she and her husband acted towards her, which Sharon accepts.