Lok sabha debate today what time

Krishnamurthy Shri Kambalapadu E. Type of Debate: I would like to address Rahul Gandhi's question. During the debate, Union minister Smriti Irani said if a contract is being cancelled, it cannot be done unilaterally. Question Hour.

lok sabha debate today what time

Inara Murniece in Riga on 15 June 2018 Read more... Mahajan Smt.

lok sabha debate today what time

It is dedicated to the Lower House of the Parliament. Vijay Sampla mp4 49: Monsoon 31-7-18 mp4 57: Jayaben B. Toggle navigation Menu.


Secretary-General Ref. Shyama Singh Smt. Profile Office. Said no one was questioning him in Rafale deal.

Defence requested Rafale in 2001 and it was agreed upon. Today, he tried to play a tape which he knows his party manufactured it.

Snehlata Shrivastava. There have been demands since 2001 for the extra planes.

On the other side, Mr Ambani is 45,000 crore in debt. He says: Centre gave the prices in sealed cover and court's conscience was satisfied, but Congress conscience hasn't been still satisfied.

Swasth Bharat A programme on health, diet and nutrition, Advice from specialists. Who changed the requirement of the aircraft from 126 to 36?

lok sabha debate today what time