How to check dogs blood sugars

If the levels are high then a full blood panel is warranted. Some dogs are more susceptible to diabetes and you should know if your dog is one of them.

Normal Glucose Levels in Dogs

Home blood sugar test will require you to gently restrain your pet. A urinalysis is a chemical examination of your dog's urine. This can be done on a single pin prick of blood. This article is purely informative.

Useful Tips on How to Test Blood Sugar In Dogs

When a dog who is hypoglycemic overexerts themselves, they can collapse , go into a coma and even die as their body shuts down. No matter what the condition is, never use excessive force and consult your vet to give you an idea of how to properly restrain your dog. See files for Dogs. A small drop of blood will appear.

Insulinoma is a rare disorder which manifests itself in a tumor in the pancreas.

How to draw blood from a dog for use in a glucometer

With cotton or gauze, put pressure on the site of the blood extraction to stop further bleeding. One common problem that you are likely to face is that your pet will get more stressed and it may refuse to eat when confined in small, unfamiliar space for a long period of time and then restrained for performing the test. Glickman, N.

how to check dogs blood sugars

To measure the glucose levels of a dog, it is normal for the vet to mark the readings against the glucose curve.

Diabetes usually develops in dogs between the ages of seven and nine. The readings of blood glucose level can change with food consumption, stress level, exercise and other basic daily fluctuations. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments.

how to check dogs blood sugars

Your veterinary surgeon may ask if you are prepared to monitor blood glucose levels at home. Glucose is a simple sugar found in the blood of animals which is then referred to as blood sugar.

how to check dogs blood sugars