How to be tumblr boy haircut

Every girl is different, but Tumblr girls usually look like they are wearing very little makeup—nude lips, especially.

how to be tumblr boy haircut

Learn more. Take cool photographs.

Find other users whose style or photos you like and follow them, re-blog their pictures, favorite their posts, and ask them questions. Don't try to be someone else. If you are going to be taking some of your photos inside, having better lighting can make all the difference.

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Chose a theme. Give it a memorable and catchy name, or just use your own name if it is easy enough to remember.

how to be tumblr boy haircut

Help answer questions Learn more. Edit your pictures with Photoshop. Just be careful: Add in some fun accessories to change up the look of your outfit and make it cuter.

Answer this question Flag as... You can be whichever gender you are the most comfortable with, since Tumblr is for everyone. Small boutiques can also offer designs that will set you apart from the usual mall styles.

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how to be tumblr boy haircut

Not having a body that "everyone else" has should make you feel proud. Start with some Tumblr girl staples.

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Try different poses. Be yourself and be true to what you think is right, not what's been told to you by other people. Know what's in style for the season. So try to just be yourself! Thank you for your feedback! Don't worry about brands. Shop sales, thrift shops and discount stores to expand your wardrobe on the cheap. Find photogenic places outside around your neighborhood or town that you can go to take your photos.

Not everyone on Tumblr knows what a "Tumblr Girl" is, so don't get upset if you don't get a lot of attention. I'm not social with people and always want to be alone and avoid people, but this makes me lose friends.

Try to create a unique style for yourself—don't just copy what other Tumblr girls wear.