When will cable be obsolete

5 Reasons Cable TV Companies Will Go Out of Business

Who knows what path the industry will take as far as making it obsolete. Cavna, Michael. I think a lot of people will ditch their cable for streaming which is a lot cheaper and convenient. The Artifice is a long-form writing platform that covers a wide spectrum of art forms.

when will cable be obsolete

Great article. As much as I love Netflix, it does not have every show or movie I want to watch, specifically network and cable TV shows. Currently, companies like Comcast offer cable channels in large blocks, giving us a whole host of choices we pay for but never use. YouTube has a ton of documentaries, and its suggestion algorithm is the best anywhere. Entire seasons of shows are dropped at once, fueling the increase in binge-watching.

Is Television Going the Way of the Dinosaurs?

Although I respect business owners and their purpose over the last 10 years cable prices have become unbelievable. Innovations in technology are enabling what consumers really want - better pricing with more choice.

when will cable be obsolete

What do you expect? According to one study, the wireless charging industry is set to grow an average of 60 percent annually through 2020. Of course that is my own doing but the environment of watching tv online is just so much different from on your television.

when will cable be obsolete

Those sweet cool gadgets? The new format commonly referred to as next-gen TV will most likely expand over the course of three years. The rate in which Amazon and Netflix are now creating their own shows is impressive and a definitive attempt to compete with the cable networks.

when will cable be obsolete

Internet piracy is never going away. Before TV there was radio. Television would also shape how Americans would catch up on politics-most notably the Presidential Campaign of 1960, and the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

when will cable be obsolete

It probably makes a difference, having a life. Live TV viewing averaged 15 hours and 11 minutes per week. The flexibility and affordability offered through streaming is a big draw for cord cutters.

Is 2018 the year wires and cords become obsolete?

The cable and satellite TV providers have held a collective monopoly over television viewing for decades now and they all charge outrageous prices for the service. The viewer is part of the movie and gets to experience it with a pair of virtual glasses. Teens 12-17 year-olds averaged 15 hours and 36 minutes per week, a 14. This reminds me of how television stole some of the glory from film.