What is expected family contribution number

It also changes slightly from year to year.

Expected Family Contribution: 10 Things to Know

For CSS Profile make sure you file before the schools Priority Aid Deadline date which is the day the college starts building financial aid packages. Even families with an EFC of Zero can end up with a funding gap.

what is expected family contribution number

Here is a link to a sample SAR. Regardless of you EFC number you can only project the amount of financial aid you will receive based upon the historical giving pattern of the respective school. Parents should check for accuracy.

Understanding your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in Financial Aid

If you have questions please fee free to contact me. If you do not feel comfortable with those options or they do not seem feasible, there are ways to make your EFC number less of a burden. Regardless of your EFC, it is important to find ways beside federal grants to pay for college.

How to Calculate Your Expected Family Contribution

You can learn more about him here. This decision is difficult for students who have their hearts set on attending a specific college.

what is expected family contribution number

All Rights Reserved. Merit-based scholarships including those for artistic and athletic ability do not usually take into account the EFC number.

what is expected family contribution number

In particular, different colleges treat home equity wildly differently, with some not counting it at all even though the CSS Profile asks about it and others counting it up to as much as 2. One of his favorite tools is Personal Capital , which enables him to manage his finances in just 15-minutes each month. Name required.

What Does My FAFSA EFC Number Mean?

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There is no easy way to lower your EFC number without hiding assets and engaging in other illegal activity.