What happens when elderly wont eat

What to Do When an Elderly Person Stops Eating

Reply October 17, 2017 DailyCaring. Also, up to a certain point in the process, she could have changed her mind at any time. In this setting, eating may be seen as an unnecessary discomfort while prolonging the discomfort of the underlying disease.

As her child, this absolutely broke my heart, but my mother was very much at peace with her decision and ready to go. Newsletter Signup. Some older adults have difficulty chewing due to issues with their dentures or teeth and gums. My father also choose to stop eating and drinking after struggling for two years with cancer.

what happens when elderly wont eat

The doctor said it would only be a day or two. In fact, she lived for 13 days, alert and communicative for about a week and manifesting none of the signs of impending death until the last 36 to 48 hours.

What an End-of-Life Adviser Could Have Told Me

The end result of stopping eating is that people can take control over their own situation at the end of their lives. People with dementia may simply forget how to shop and prepare meals, or how to eat, chew or pick up utensils. The flip side of this is that as you age, your digestion slows down.

what happens when elderly wont eat

Symptoms Agitated or restless. I think it is because of the life style in western countries, it values large personal spaces, and personal spaces put distance between individuals. Loss of smell and difficulty swallowing can be contribute to decreased nutrient intake too.

Loss of Appetite in the Elderly

This way, with ample time to reflect even after she had made her decision, I had no doubt she knew what she was doing and was determined to stay the course. Also high on her list are beans, which are stuffed with vitamins and fiber.

what happens when elderly wont eat

Introduction Refusal to eat and drink is a common and distressing precursor to malnutrition for older adults in both institutional and community settings. Tools and Resources for Assessing Cognitive Impairment: Sleep problems. When the dietician came in the day she made the decision, all my mother wanted for her meals was ice cream!

Got to give credit to Carescopes meal planners at http: Once someone stops taking liquids they are presumed to be terminal and thus eligible for hospice, whether in an institution or at home.

what happens when elderly wont eat

By then she knew that she would decline treatment and thus saw no need for a definitive diagnosis, just as she would have declined a mammogram.