How to fill out dd form 448-2

These funds are recorded in the form of a MIPR and sent to the overseeing agency.

how to fill out dd form 448-2

Edit Lines page where the Accounts tab is highlighted. After entering the acceptance acknowledgement information, click Continue to go back to the Requisition: Otherwise an error message displays, telling you why the sending of the DD-448-2 failed. Thus you can copy line items from one MIPR to another. Send DD-448: Select this action to send the DD-448-2 form to the assisting agency. Each distribution charge account can be assigned one ACRN only. The Signature block appears as Signed only for approved requisitions.

Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR)

Click the Accounts tab and then click the Update button. If you have generated a DD-448-2, it is stored in the system and can be retrieved later for viewing.

how to fill out dd form 448-2

The purchase requisition is also the source for critical data used in contract awards, and thus accurate PRDS XML generation is more important than ever before. The assisting agency sends the award to supplier and the items are received either at the assisting agency or at the requesting agency location.

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Later, the assisting agency receives the items or sends the items directly to requesting agency, and makes the payments to the supplier. The MIPR provides funding information and a description of the goods and services required. With the Reimbursement Order Category I , the assisting agency pay for the items up front and is then reimbursed by the requesting agency.

When all the approvers approve the document, the approval status changes to Approved, Accepted.

Dd Form 448 2

You can resend the DD-448-2 in case of an error. Hence, the requesting agency obligates the award.

how to fill out dd form 448-2

View the status of the cancellation request s using the Requisition Status page. The system displays a message, confirming that the liquidation of funds has completed successfully.

how to fill out dd form 448-2

Optionally, you can add notes to individual actions and save the notes. You can only cancel Approved requisitions. If you initiate an amendment for a MIPR that has some quantity already received, you cannot amend the MIPR to a quantity less than the received quantity.