How to back spot a liberal education

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how to back spot a liberal education

The survey was first of such kind in Europe, and the results are expected in March 2018. Archivist, Curator, Museum Workers: Whatever job you take, I guarantee that the specific stuff you have learned at college—whatever it is—will prove mostly irrelevant or quickly irrelevant.

What Is Liberal Arts?

The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Skip to main content. Teaching and learning. Yale-NUS College. I realized that coming from India, I was pretty good at taking tests, at regurgitating stuff I had memorized, but not so good at expressing my own ideas.

Charles Bailyn's time in Asia has opened his eyes to the high regard in which a liberal arts education is still held internationally. Grammar, logic and rhetoric made up the core liberal arts the trivium , while arithmetic, geometry, the theory of music and astronomy made up the quadrivium. My professors were going to judge me on the process of thinking through the subject matter and presenting my analysis and conclusions—out loud.

Computer science is not better than art history.

how to back spot a liberal education

Bartlett Giamatti professor of astronomy and physics at Yale University. Related universities Yale University Explore.

how to back spot a liberal education

It teaches you how to write But for me, the most important earthly use of a liberal education is that it teaches you how to write. That marriage—between technology and the liberal arts—is now visible everywhere.

Why We Need the Liberal Arts Now More Than Ever

An essay can seem like a daunting assignment if writing isn't a strength for you. An ebook on student experience of liberal arts education, conceived after first Liberal Education Student Conference and co-edited by Jakob Dirksen, Daniel Kontowski and David Kretz, appeared on ELAI in October, and has attracted 800 visitors who viewed, downloaded, or ordered paper copies of the book. There are daunting obstacles and constraints of course, some resources-based, some political, some linguistic and cultural.

More details on the concept and organisation details can be found here , and organisers can be contacted on Facebook or through email.

Pursuing a degree in the liberal arts helps you succeed in a fast-paced world that requires individuals to develop creative solutions today to solve the complex challenges of the future.

It proudly notes that he founded the University of Virginia, another quintessential liberal arts college. We will be discussing these with colleagues from Yale and elsewhere at an upcoming workshop on Globalizing the Liberal Arts. Get a month's unlimited access to THE content online. The governors of Texas, Florida, and North Carolina have announced that they do not intend to spend taxpayer money subsidizing the liberal arts.

In continuing this tradition you are strengthening the greatest experiment in social organization, democracy. Market Research Analyst: We welcome outside contributions. Majors like English, once very popular and highly respected, are in steep decline.