How rain occurs in hindi

Time of Occurrence In the Monsoon season, rain can commence in Peninsular India during any time of the day, though the preferred time is generally late evening.

how rain occurs in hindi

With that in mind, you might not be surprised to know that parts of South America especially in Chile and parts of California are officially deserts. The amount of water available on Earth never changes. While it may be tempting to say that rain comes from clouds, you can also say that rain is clouds, giving up on their dreams of being water vapor and falling back down to Earth, where they start their journey through the precipitation cycle again.

Some of the most spectacular rain can happen when weather fronts, or masses of warm and cold air, collide. TL;DR Too Long; Didn't Read Dew point is the temperature at which there's more condensation than evaporation going on in the air, and so water vapor begins to condense and coalesce into water droplets that can fall as rain.

The tiny water droplets that initially form are what you see as clouds — and if you pay close attention to clouds in the sky, you'll see that they're constantly shrinking and growing in response to the warring forces of evaporation and condensation. But depending on atmospheric conditions it may also arrive as freezing rain, sleet ice pellets mixed with rain or snow , hail or of course snow.

For example, hilly coastal areas are often wetter than flat coastal areas because as the wet air from the ocean rises to go over the hills, it condenses enough for rain to fall.

rainfall - meaning in Hindi

Other Latest Stories. As you already know, precipitation can come down to Earth in many ways — and words like "fog," "mist," "drizzle" or "cloudburst" aren't just descriptive, they also have scientific definitions for the size of the water droplets, the speed of their fall, the inches of precipitation per hour, and their density or how many droplets there are in a square foot.

Related Content. Geological survey, enough rain falls on the continental United States to cover the land in 30 inches of water.

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Once a water droplet makes the leap from cloud toward Earth, it arrives with the unceremonious splat of a raindrop. Tuesday, February 26 15: Weather Alerts For India on February 25.

how rain occurs in hindi

A warmer climate will change rainfall patterns, lead to increased droughts and floods, cause melting of glaciers and polar ice sheets, and result in increased sea-level rise. Daily Alternate day Weekly. But as those droplets continue to rise, buoyed by rising bodies of warm air, they have two routes for making it back to Earth. The record for highest average annual rainfall belongs to Mt.

how rain occurs in hindi

Or, through something called the Bergeron-Findeisen-Wegener process, the ice process of precipitation or simply the Bergeron process, the droplets rise high enough to freeze into ice crystals, attracting more water vapor to themselves and growing quickly until they're heavy enough to fall as snow or melt and fall as rain.

How often would you like to receive it? The water droplets falling out of clouds — in other words, rain — are shaped less like the drip from a faucet and more like a little ball. For example, according to the U.

how rain occurs in hindi

Weather Forecast for the week in India from February 25 to March 3. Types of Clouds Clouds are more of vertical in nature during the pre-Monsoon season and mostly come up during late afternoon and early evening hours. The opposite extremes exist, too: Weather Gallery.

how rain occurs in hindi

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