Golden retriever dog howling at the moon

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golden retriever dog howling at the moon

My 3 year old chocolate lab howls when we have returned from the park and when my husband leaves the house. Barking, on the other hand, is a more varied form of dog communication that dogs usually engage in when they are certain someone is there to hear them.

Golden Retriever howling with sirens

The more people there are strolling or walking their dogs past your house, the more your pup wants to do the same. The weirdest howling incident I came across was when I had a horse at a livery stables. Wolves are nocturnal, and they need to communicate, so they howl at night. She tilts her head, listens carefully, then lifts her chin and howls away.

Maybe dogs feel lonely then and are trying to communicate to other dogs. Howling wolf with blue moon and white birch trees, vector illustration Wild dogs pack howling in unison by moonlight.

“It’s the perfect way for dogs to communicate over long distances with other dogs.”

Itis very much a welcome home!!! Howling is just another way for them to speak out. I find it spine tingling and actually quite beautiful… but the neighbours may feel differently so I do ask them to stop!

golden retriever dog howling at the moon

If you know that sirens make your dog howl for example, then all you need is a recording of a siren. One by one, each of the dogs adds her voice to the others until the siren has long gone or until I have shouted at them to be quiet!

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golden retriever dog howling at the moon

Vector illustration of a wolf howling to the moon at night. Is the reason for his howling because of attraction pup-erty or territorial or others. Does your dog howl at the moon? Quite softly at first, then building to a crescendo.

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Toggle navigation. You may be able to cut the howling short by teaching your dog to be quiet at a signal from you. But that big glowing rock in the sky is just as perplexing as ever for our canine friends.

golden retriever dog howling at the moon

One of the yard dogs went up to the sacks, sniffed and started a blood curdling howl, and was joined in by the other 5 or so stable dogs, who just stopped wherever they were and howled. The first time was such a surprise for me…I laughed my head off and wished I had it on video! Just like incessant barking, it is not fun for neighbors to endure for hours on end.

It is quite a pitiful whine. Ideas and inspiration for you. And as soon as your dog howls, give him a brilliant reward.