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David Tennant.

Clara Oswald

Series 6: To his infinite sadness, the Doctor informs Oswin that she is a Dalek, to which she denies. However, once the Doctor taunts the decaying Dalek for having a damaged death ray beyond use, it simply activates its self-destruct program in the hopes of taking him with it.

dr who oswin dalek dr

The years seen in this section may seem decidedly "off". Amy jokes "Someone's obviously never been to Scotland ," implying she's normally hostile. Series 8: Once the Asylum defences were down, the Daleks fired missiles at the planet, blowing it up and killing the Daleks trapped there.

Doctor Who - Clara Oswin Oswald - I am not a dalek

They demand that the Doctor identify himself, shocking him; he tells them who he is, only to be met with confusion. Oswin had been captured by the Daleks, and because of her genius, had been fully converted into a Dalek instead of simply made into a puppet.

Doctor Who: 9 things we know about Clara/Oswin

Season 4: Christmas special. As the Daleks seemed stunned, the Doctor says it's finally Christmas for them because they managed to capture their greatest enemy. With a smile, the Doctor rhetorically asks Rory, "Who do you think? Asylum of the Daleks was the first episode of series 7 of Doctor Who. It was the 1 cable program in its timeslot, and the most-watched telecast in the history of the network.

dr who oswin dalek dr

Asylum Of The Daleks. Children in Need Special Born Again. The Doctor tells her that this is a trap, and she doesn't even know it.

dr who oswin dalek dr

Seasons 12-18: Can the Doctor save the day, along with his companions' marriage, as easily as he can fix his bow-tie? Doctor Who: