What is electronic fuel control system

How a Fuel Injection ECU (Engine Control Unit) System Works

The speed reference. The effect of this is to completely shift the PLA engine speed curve downward so that the maximum permissible engine speed always occurs at the maximum PLA position. At high engine speeds, advancing spark is necessary.

what is electronic fuel control system

ROM for program storage, RAM for dynamic data storage, a system clock and interupt selector, all these obviously defining an operative microprocessor based system according to established techniques. As mentioned in an earlier portion of this description, the ECU and torque motor provide an electrical interface to the hydromechanical fuel control to provide proper fuel ratio units to the engine in relation to power lever movement, engine speed, temperature, acceleration and the ambient characteristics, and thereby provide for safe engine operation in the absence of ECU control.

Filed to: This is done by switching the injector ground circuit on or off depending on what is required by the engine. Contemporary engine control systems provide for engine synchronization by the controlling mechanical connection between the power lever and the fuel control.

what is electronic fuel control system

The main reason for this is that hydromechanical portions establish the minimum flow to the engine necessary for acceleration and deceleration in response to the movement of the power lever. During acceleration and high power demand conditions the ratio units are high; during low power operating conditions, such as deceleration, the ratio units are small.

what is electronic fuel control system

When the turbine is in isochronous mode, the. Each phase is monitored for current and voltage. Cars equipped with a manual transmission should be set to idle slightly higher in neutral, around 800 RPM. The output.

what is electronic fuel control system

Before we talk about how the ECU accomplishes its tasks, let's follow the path of a gasoline droplet that enters your gas tank. EFI can be divided into 3 sub-systems: These functions are.

The pump sends the gasoline through a fuel filter, through hard fuel lines, and into a fuel rail. If the injector ground circuit is turned on the fuel is sprayed at the back of the intake valve.

All other benefits can be attributed to this single fact. An LED indicator shows. If it notices that the engine is cold, it sets a higher idle threshold to warm the engine up. The baseline error signal is supplied to a multiplexed A-D converter 131 over a line 132, along with an analog PLA, T O and P O ; and its output is transferred to a microprocessor 140 on command therefrom.

This produces the flattening shown in the curves in FIG. Control system for a gas turbine engine, especially a vehicular gas turbine engine. This decreases the pressure on the low side of the servo which then moves to the left 84.