How to make a ottoman foot rest

how to make a ottoman foot rest

First Name E-Mail Address. Reinforce with a zig-zag stitch to keep fraying to a minimum, then cut off any excess.

how to make a ottoman foot rest

The inside diameter measures 12 inches. I cut four pieces of scrap wood to 2 inches tall and pre-drilled each with a hole.

how to make a ottoman foot rest

I thought at first that you were using an actual cylinder of concrete! You know you do!

how to make a ottoman foot rest

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Have a great one! Wrapping the ottoman with quilt batting makes for a more uniform silhouette underneath the upholstery fabric.

If you want a wider foot stool, you can choose a wider concrete form or select a thicker foam layer to go around it. February 28, 2018. Trust me, if you can sew a straight line, you can totally do this. You can see my first attempt below right where the material has more puckers along the upper seam. With good sides facing each other, sew a straight line connecting your 50-inch ends together to make a tube.

The outside diameter is closer to 13 inches — something to keep in mind when you make your own ottoman.

DIY Upholstered Ottoman / Footstool

Btw, this is the best way I found to get rid of puckers: Search this website. Comments Great job! Great job!

how to make a ottoman foot rest

You may also like: I made it 11 inches, just to make my life easier. I countersunk the screws which in Shelly-world means drilled too far in so as not to scratch the floors. For more concrete form projects like that round tray above click over to 100Things2Do.

Without this layer, your fabric will show the lumps and bumps of the 1-inch foam and unless you have a very forgiving pattern read: Next, I rolled the form along my 1-inch foam and traced a line to cut on.

Carefully pull the tube over the form, with the pattern facing inwards and check the fit. Definitely strong enough, I sit on mine all the time. The upholstery fabric measured 50 inches by 15 inches.