How to improve wide grip pull up

Practical Tips to Improve Your Pull-Up Performance

Your biceps are one of the main muscles you use to do pull-ups, so building them with bicep curls will help you improve your pull-ups. Avoid doing pull-ups every day or you won't be giving your muscles enough time to heal.

Set a pull-up schedule for yourself so you're doing pull-ups 3-4 times a week. A recent study concluded that "the seemingly analogous exercises of pull-ups and lat-pulls were not highly related and should not be substituted for one another in a training regimen.

How to Improve Weak Pull-Ups

There are several rules of performing the move:. I'll let you figure out the rest! Weak hamstrings? As for hand placement width, common dogma says that the wider the grip the more lats are working.

how to improve wide grip pull up

Chin-ups also tend to be a bit easier. Head to the lat pull-down machine, sit down, and grip the bar with shoulder-width palms facing away and your arms fully extended above your head. Play rough! Once you have mastered this, it will help in increasing your strength so that you can easily do more of the wide grip pull-ups.

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5 steps to become a pull-up pro

When you get to where you are not making it all the way up, just keep doing them for as long as your grip will allow you for as far up as you can go. Gripping the bar so your palms are facing in toward you will work your biceps more while giving your back muscles a break.

how to improve wide grip pull up

I don't think I am particularly weak on my 5x5's, although you can correct me if I am wrong. Tips Mobility Back.

how to improve wide grip pull up

Where you store body fat can tell you a lot about your hormones. This training technique will get them bigger and stronger. Most people will find their grip is strongest when their palms are facing each other.

how to improve wide grip pull up