How to do half mile repeats faster

That in itself, I believe, is going to make me faster and more successful.

how to do half mile repeats faster

I am sure that doing mile repeats would really help me! It was a little hard to imagine sustaining it for any extended length of time although I have had the experience of running this pace and faster during a 5K.

There are all kinds of reasons not to try something you want to do, and every one is real. You can also do this workout on a treadmill. English major in my former life.

Mile Repeats: Three Variations to Help You Run Faster

Marathoners will find that mile repeats at tempo pace allow them to build run a higher volume of these miles during the peak fatigue of marathon training.

I finished the first repeat and eased into my recovery jog. They are a great confidence building workout — the most mentally challenging workouts often are! The short duration of recovery will give you a realistic idea of what pace you can sustain on race day and prepare you for how to pace a 10K race.

I set my stopwatch to zero, pressed go, and began the first two-lap repeat. The greatest antidote to discomfort is the knowing it is about to end.

Half-Mile Repeats

I planned to do eight half-mile repeats at just faster than race pace with a short half-lap jog that I would cover in about one minute. The first repeat was always one of the hardest.

how to do half mile repeats faster

Intermediate runners may want to stop at 4 or 5 repeats. The best way to tell you are running at an appropriate effort?

how to do half mile repeats faster

But I accelerated as I approached the line, started my watch, and raced around the first turn. It also makes it easy to convert my times into the equivalent for mile times!

Workout of the Week: Mile Repeats

Sign up and get it free! You may also want to slow down the mile repeat to your marathon race pace. Mile repeats are a nice break from doing your long, slow distance workouts in preparation for a marathon or half marathon.

Embrace the Effort. The purpose of recovery intervals is to lower your heart rate and allow your body to recover just enough to run at the same effort again.

how to do half mile repeats faster

After introducing some shorter speedwork , beginner runners can also use mile repeats at tempo pace to introduce tempo runs.