How to control nuclear fusion bbc bitesize

New GCSE BBC Bitesize - Nuclear Energy

To speed up the neutrons. Change language English. Where does the energy come from in fusion reactions?

how to control nuclear fusion bbc bitesize

The other neutrons that were released by the collision would cause a nuclear explosion if moveable control rods did not absorb them. The chain reaction of splitting a nucleus Generating power from nuclear fuels Nuclear reactors use the heat from nuclear reactions in the nuclear fuel to boil water.

How is the chain reaction slowed in a nuclear reactor? Some atomic nuclei are unstable.

An introduction to nuclear fusion

It is this energy that is harnessed in nuclear power stations. Why is the reactor filled with graphite? The control rods are neutron-absorbing rods, which are inserted into the spaces between the fuel rods, and are made from materials such as boron. Change language English. It is more likely to occur if: They can also be used to stop the reaction.

To increase the speed of the reaction.

how to control nuclear fusion bbc bitesize

This may not seem like a lot of energy but this energy is a result of the fusion of only four hydrogen nuclei. The splitting of a heavy nucleus. The nuclear fuel rods in a reactor can be radioactive for a very long time and have to be stored very carefully.

how to control nuclear fusion bbc bitesize

Reveal answer up. Nuclear fission Nuclear fission is the process by which energy is released when a large atom is hit by a neutron, becomes unstable and splits into two or more smaller pieces plus two or three neutrons.

how to control nuclear fusion bbc bitesize

Where does fusion occur naturally?