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What is more, Jacqueline did not leave her memoir or autobiography, which makes her oral history the most valuable source of her life, but the one without a chance of comparison.

Jadwiga Orzechowska

Records and accounts of the community, 1821—66. Files on requests for tax exemptions [R], 1914.

dr orzechowski krotoszyn poland

Oct 02 2012 16. AP Przemysl, Akta m. Marta Orzechowska and one other child. Letters, supliki and reports regarding the Sieniawski estates, 1724—26. Files on confirmation of the community statutes, 1846—96. This was a prospective observational study based on a non-selected mixed-risk population of 11,653 women referred for first-trimester screening.


AIUM practice guideline for the performance of obstetric ultrasound examinations. Troki, woj.

dr orzechowski krotoszyn poland

Records of recruitment and other taxes, 1830—80; minutes of community meetings [G], 1834—89; records on poor Jews, 1843—70; an application for the position of cantor and shochet, [G], 1869. Reports on prayer houses [R], 1946, 1957, 1960. Correspondence on communal matters, including statutes, 1898. Szczuczyn, woj.

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Rabbinic and civil registry marriage certificates [G, H], 1846, 1901—20. Goldsteina 3. Police file on Jews involved in strikes and demonstrations [R], 1906.

A decree by Princess H. Orzeszkowej 41.

dr orzechowski krotoszyn poland

Private agreements, receipts, contracts and other documents regarding the estates of the Sieniawski and Czartoryski families, 1628—1759. Brzesko, woj. Reports about a glass factory in Ilja, owned by a Jew from Wilejka [R], 1801.

dr orzechowski krotoszyn poland

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